Dasty Degreaser

Stainless Steel
& Induction Hobs

For a true Fast & Easy Degreasing Action

What is

DASTY STAINLESS STEEL & INDUCTION HOBS is a revolutionary and innovative product. Designed to reduce cleaning times and obtain the best result, it takes care of all stainless steel surfaces (hoods, refrigerators, sinks, coatings, worktops, taps, elevators) releasing their original luster. It is ideal for cleaning induction hobs. Used properly, NO RINSE REQUIRED. Dasty Stainless Steel & Induction Hobs: a real cosmetic for your home.

How to Use

Spray directly on the surface, wipe with a dry, soft and clean cloth (or kitchen paper) until completely dry. DO NOT rinse with water or a damp cloth.


Do not use on hot or damaged surfaces. Do not use on aluminum and galvanized or chromed metal.

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Fijne glans

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2023

Maakt mijn gootsteen en kookplaat gelijk nieuw, love it, en nog een fijne geur

Sabrina Merlier

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