Dasty Degreaser

Dasty Glass & MultiSurfaces
Gold Edition

Off with the dirt, welcome perfume

What is

DASTY GLASS & MULTISURFACE is a super-perfumed detergent for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors, crystals, car windows, stainless steel surfaces and all washable surfaces. It captures dust more effectively than just a dry cloth, eliminating stains and marks from all surfaces. It does not leave halos. Ideal for a daily use, it leaves an intense scent in all environments. Dasty Glass & Multisurfaces: a true Cosmetic for your Home.

How to Use

Spray at about 20-25 cm from the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a dry cloth or paper.

Your reviews

Produit exceptionnel

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2024

Très bon produit, j,ai rarement utilisé un produit aussi efficace
Glass/multisurface dommage de ne plus en trouver

Grobon Brigitte

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