Dasty Degreaser

Dasty Power Degreaser

The Professional Degreaser The most Powerful

What is

DASTY POWER DEGREASER, is the high concentration professional degreaser created to remove oil and greasy dirt from any mechanical part and from large surfaces. Indispensabile in garage e in officina per auto, moto, camion, barche, caravan e per tutti gli utensili, è un prezioso alleato in casa in tutte le situazioni difficili, nel gardening e nel bricolage

How to Use

Dasty Power Degreaser sulla superficie da pulire, lasciare agire al massimo per 3 minuti, sciacquare.


For colored or painted surfaces, test for at least 3 minutes in a hidden corner to check the resistance of the color. Do not use on polycarbonate (transparent plastic in general). Do not use on surfaces treated with anti-absorption protections.

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