Dasty Degreaser

Dasty Gel Toilet Care
with Bleach

Thoroughly whitens and sanitizes your toilet

What is

DASTY GEL TOILET CLEANER WITH BLEACH makes the walls of the toilet white, also ensuring a thorough hygiene, thanks to the effect of bleach. Dasty gel toilet cleaner with bleach is suitable not only for the toilet, but also for other sanitary wares, as well as tile joints, leaving a deep hygiene everywhere in the bathroom.

Come si usa

To open, press the the sides of the cap where indicated and unscrew. Toilet: pour under the rim and on the toilet walls. Leave at least on 30 minutes before rinsing. FOR SANITARY WARE AND OTHER SURFACES: pour the product directly onto the surface, wipe it with a sponge and rinse with plenty of water. Transport the bottle upright.


ATTENTION: During use, always leave the toilet lid raised.

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